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  • Full MLS exposure included for all Rent To Own property sellers.
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3 key benefits why you should rent to own Kelowna properties

  1. Pride of owning your own home or condo. Wake up knowing you will own the home you are in, tell your friends and family you have an agreement to own it. You can make changes you want to your new property such as painting your kids rooms whatever colour you want or changing the old outdated fixtures. Remove the stress that your landlord will send you a notice to "VACATE THE PROPERTY" because they want to sell or move back in. Unlike some rent to own agreements we put in writing that you have the right to stay in the home, to modify it and to be treated like you own it right from day one.
  2. Move into the Kelowna home or condo you really want NOW instead of waiting years and living in rentals properties that you don't want to live in, can't have pets, or can't fix them up the way you want. We will help you discover the maximum mortgage amount you can qualify for and how long you need to qualify, with plan to move into the home or condo you really want now.
  3. Increase your net worth tax free on your primary residence when it increases in value. Renting pays someone elses mortgage and they also get the benefit of any increase in the value of the property. As a renter there is no financial benefit to you. You don't pay down your mortgage and you don't get the benefit of the properties increased value. Did you know that any profit you make on your primary residence is tax free? Let me show you how much have you spent in 10 years of renting vs how much you would be ahead with 10 years of owning. Additional Benefits

3 Simple steps from Renting to Ownership of Kelowna Real Estate

  • Read through our websites information on how our rent to own program works, the common questions and the benefits.
  • Begin with our Free Application to determine your eligibility and what you can afford *there is no cost for this initial step and it will not affect your credit rating.
  • Meet with us to discuss our program and if it makes sense for you and your family you can then fill out the paperwork and get qualified in writing so you can begin shopping for your home.

Learn more about the rent to own process and criteria

Details on how our Kelowna Rent To Own program works

Our rent to own program for homes and condos in Kelowna is an easy, low-stress, and inexpensive way to buy and invest in Kelowna homes and Kelowna condos. Rent-to-own Kelowna purchases typically work like this:

  • The rent to own agreement of a home or condo includes a standard rental agreement with an option to purchase the property within a specified period of time (usually 1-3 years) at an agreed upon price. A legally binding option to purchase agreement is also signed by both parties stating the Option fee amount, the monthly amount, the agreed upon future price and what is included in the sale such as hot tubs, parking space(s) etc.
  • You provide a non-refundable Option Fee as part of the offer to purchase. This Option Fee is applied when you exercise your option to purchase on the agreed upon purchase date towards the purchase price of the home or condo.
  • You provide first month's rent plus a security deposit and continue to pay rent plus an additional option to purchase amount that is applied to the purchase of the property. For example if the option to purchase monthly amount was $500 and the term of the rental agreement was 2 years then you would have an additional $12,000 deposit ($500 x 24 months) for the purchase and/or closing costs of the property.
  • At the agreed upon end of the rental period you exercise your option to purchase agreement and 100% of your initial option payment and all monthly option payments are applied to the purchase of your home and you become the owner of the home as per rent to own and the option to purchase agreements.