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Yes , please have a mortgage broker contact me

If you would like to have a licensed mortgage broker contact you for a free no obligation consultation on your current situation, goals and objectives. The mortgage broker will work with you to determine the parameters of your existing mortgage financing, including potential payout penalties, portability, available equity, payment amounts, balances owed, maturity date, payment and property tax amounts. With these in mind, they will explore what a rent to own transaction might need to look like for you "the seller", and how it might enable you to meet your goals and objectives. For example, do you have equity in your existing property that can be accessed for down payment on your next purchase? Can you earn enough income on the current property to cover the mortgage and tax payments? Knowing how the deal could be structured, we advise and ensure the minimum terms required to work for you in a rent to own transaction. This drives the minimum qualifications when screening prospective tenant/buyers looking to rent to own your property.